High School Plus One Program

Complete Your First Year of College While in High School. Available for High School Students Statewide.

High School Plus One is now offered to all Oklahoma high school juniors and seniors with both in-person and fully online options.

Students can start college in high school and earn up to one year or 31 credit hours of transferable college credit from Oklahoma’s third-largest college while completing a high school diploma. Classes are taught by TCC faculty and are available in multiple formats including online, online live, and in-person at TCC campuses, high schools, and other off-campus sites.

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  1. Get Admitted. If you are interested in the Dual Enrollment program you should Apply to TCC. Check out our Dual Credit admission guide to get started.
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For questions on college admission and enrollment, contact the TCC Dual Credit program office at dualcredit@tulsacc.edu, 918-595-4705, or join our virtual office.

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General Education Course Pathway

Available fully online or partially online/online live/ classroom
Complete one year of college before high school graduation.

All courses are dual credit and meet high school graduation and college general education requirements:

  • 6 hours English
  • 3 hours History
  • 3 hours Political Science
  • 3 hours non-lab Science1
  • 3 hours of Social Science
  • 3 hours of Humanities: PHIL 2133 or HIST 1063
  • 3 hours of Math1
  • 4 hours of lab Science1
  • 3 hours of Gen. Ed. Communication

High School Plus One: Suggested 30 – 31 Credit Hour Pathway

See full 600-section online course list for additional options.

SemesterCourse 1Course 2Course 3
Junior FallCollege Gen. Ed. Core Social Science requirement:
PSYC 1113 Introduction to Psychology 
College Gen. Ed. Core non-Lab Science requirement:
BIOL 1383 Nutrition 
Junior SpringCollege Gen. Ed. Core English requirement:
ENGL 1113 Composition I
College Gen. Ed. Core History requirement:
HIST 1493 US History Civil War to Present
Senior FallCollege Gen. Ed. Core English requirement:
ENGL 1213 Composition II
College Arts & Science Elective:
COMM 1113 Public Speaking
College Gen. Ed. Core Math1 requirement (Choose One): 
MATH 1473 Quantitative Reasoning,
MATH 1483 Functions/Models, 
MATH 1513 Precalculus I
Senior SpringCollege Gen. Ed. Core Political Science requirement:
POLS 1113 American Federal Government
College Gen. Ed. Core Humanities requirement (Choose One):
PHIL 2133 Introduction to Ethical Thinking,
PHIL 1113 Introduction to Philosophy, 
HIST 1073 Twentieth Century World History
College Gen. Ed. Core Lab Science1 (31 hr. pathway) (Choose One):
BIOL 1114 Biology for Non-Majors w/lab,
PHSC 1114 General Physical Science w/lab, 
Additional Humanities (30 hr. pathway)

1Select your math and science course according to your future major. STEM majors consult your TCC Dual Credit Coordinator and TCC Academic Advisor for Math and Science courses. Lab science option requires one credit of tuition beyond waivers

Transferable Credits

Transfer your TCC credits to public colleges and universities across Oklahoma. TCC also has transfer agreements with many private and regional institutions. Please verify course transferability with any institution you plan to attend. University Transfer provides a resource to review our transfer agreements.


Plus One Virtual is tuition free for 30 credit hours of the total 31 earned college hours – that’s a year of college for just over $100 in tuition! Students are responsible for all course fees at TCC’s state-mandated rate of only $29.45/credit hour and no added online fees are charged. The program uses no-cost textbooks for nine of the ten courses. You only purchase a low-cost access fee for math.

Virtual Testing

For virtual students, some courses may require a proctored exam. A proctored exam uses an authorized, neutral, party to ensure the identity of the test taker and the integrity of the test-taking environment. We have multiple ways for our virtual students to complete proctored exams. Almost all virtual courses that use proctored exams integrate the exam right into Blackboard with Respondus, along with all of your other course assignments. If a course does not use Blackboard for it's exams there multiple options for test proctoring to choose form.

Julian Ober, TCC Dual credit student

One Year Head Start & Thousands in Savings

The dual-credit program with TCC has allowed me to get one full year of college completed before I graduate high school. This has saved me thousands of dollars in classes, and allows me to get my degree faster.

Julian Ober

High School Plus One Student

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