Dual Credit Admission & Enrollment Guide

Young woman wearing blue tcc shirt gets help from a staff member

You Can. We'll Help.

We understand starting college can be challenging. To help, we've created this guide outlining the path to attending TCC courses while in high school.

Step One: Make a Plan

Before you start, talk to your high school counselor about the following:

1. Check your school day availability

Review your schedule for availability to attend TCC courses.

2. Determine Your TCC Courses

Review the High School Grad Requirements to select your courses. Your TCC courses will be recorded on both your college and high school transcripts.

3. Choose your pathway and course sections

College courses have limited space. TCC reserves seats in section-600 courses for high school students. Check if the courses you want are offered in a section-600 course before you enroll.

Note: High school students cannot take zero-level, physical education or co-requisite courses. You must meet all prerequisite requirements for a course. Your enrollment will be processed according to your completed college credit hours in the order it is received.

Section-600 Course Benefits

  • No online fees
  • Early alerts to address student performance
  • Some have free books

4. Ensure Eligibility

Ask your high school counselor for your "unofficial" high school transcript (electronic version) and your schedule availability to attend college courses (days/times).

Check your admission eligibility

5. Discuss Estimated Cost 

Speak to your high school counselor or a Dual Credit team member about the estimated cost and your district's fee and book waivers.

Step Two: Apply for Admission

This is for new students only. New students must be admitted to TCC before they can log in to the portal to enroll in classes. Students only need to complete admission once.

1. Gather documents

  • If you have a social security number (SSN) be sure you have it ready. A SSN is not required for individuals who have not been issued one.
  • Save your “unofficial” high school transcript as a PDF on your computer.
  • Save any test score sheets (ACT, SAT, PSAT10, PSAT-NMSQ, pre-ACT) as a PDF on your computer.

2. Complete the TCC online college admission application

Apply now to be admitted in time for 2024 Summer, or 2024 Fall Enrollment.

  • Upload your high school transcript and any test score sheets into the online admission form
  • Declare a major (if you are unsure, begin with Liberal Arts/General Education. You can always change this later).
  • Provide a personal email address that you check often (not a high school email address). TCC will contact you at this address with the next steps.
  • If you are notified that you do not meet admission eligibility, you may take an on-campus/residual ACT once you receive your T Number
  • After you are notified that you are admitted, you may now check enrollment eligibility.

Step Three: Enroll in Classes

This is for admitted students only. You must enroll in classes again each semester.

1. Review Enrollment Portal Instruction Videos

2. Log in to the Dual Credit enrollment portal

  • Use your TCC ID number and password
  • Filter each column to find the courses, locations, and delivery you want (find 600 sections- reserved for high school students)
  • Always select backup sections and courses
  • Submit to your parents/guardian email for approval (we’ll submit to your counselor after their approval)

3. Check Your Progress

  • Check the registration status progress bar in the enrollment portal. It will indicate who currently has your request: parent, counselor, or TCC enrollment.
  • Check your TCC email. You’ll be notified as your enrollment request routes or if TCC needs additional information to process.
  • Check your portal communication center for messages from TCC. You can also leave messages for TCC.

Ready to Get Enrolled?

Dual Credits students have a dedicated enrollment portal to make this process simpler.

Enrollment Portal

Step Four: Confirm your Schedule

  1. Check your schedule in MyTCC
  2. For more information go to your Starfish Dashboard
  3. Review your course syllabus on Blackboard

Enrollment Portal Tutorials

Student Tutorial & Steps 

You should watch the student tutorial video or review the portal instructions before enrolling with the portal for the first time.

  1. Login to the Dual Credit Enrollment Portal
  2. Start your enrollment for each semester by clicking on the top left icon (graphic of paper and pencil) to choose a term (fall, spring, summer)
  3. Select your courses and list multiple sections for each of your requested courses
  4. Upload your latest unofficial high school transcript and upload any new test scores (ACT, PSAT, SAT, etc.)
  5. Enter your parent/guardian email address
  6. Submit your enrollment
  7. Watch your TCC email daily for updates, questions, and registration processing.

If you have additional questions after viewing the Student Tutorial for TCC Dual Credit Enrollment, please contact dualcredit@tulsacc.edu for assistance.

Parent & Guardian Tutorial & Steps

By Oklahoma policy, you must approve that your student is enrolling in college courses. We also have information about college enrollments for you to acknowledge. Enrollment cannot move forward without you.

We strongly recommend that you watch the parent/guardian tutorial video before using the portal for the first time.

  1. Login to the Dual Credit Enrollment Portal using the link you received from your student's email.
  2. Approve your student's enrollment in college courses
  3. Acknowledge Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and TCC dual credit policy.
  4. Submit for routing to your student’s high school counselor

If you have additional questions after viewing the Parent and Guardian Tutorial for TCC Dual Credit Enrollment, please contact dualcredit@tulsacc.edu for assistance.

Counselor Tutorial & Steps

The Counselors’ Dashboard provides immediate access to enrollment requests, ready to review, your reviewed enrollments, processed enrollments, and incomplete enrollments.

We strongly recommend that you watch the counselor tutorial video before using the portal for the first time.

  1. Login to the Dual Credit Enrollment Portal
  2. Review student course selections and ensure the reserved “600” sections were selected whenever possible.   
    Section 600 Course Features:
    • No online fees
    • Offer early alerts for student performance
    • Some courses have free books
    • Available on-campus, off-campus, online, online live, or blended
  3. Approve student enrollment. Submit and receive all student-specific communication through the portal in each student's notes section.

If you have additional questions after viewing the Counselor Tutorial for TCC Dual Credit Enrollment, please contact dualcredit@tulsacc.edu for assistance.