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Facilities Use & Leasing

As a public institution, TCC has spaces and facilities that may be used or leased by faculty, staff, students, registered student organizations, and non-college outside groups. There are different requirements based on which spaces and facilities are being requested, which entity is requesting them, and for what purpose.

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TCC Indoor Facilities Use for Faculty, Staff, Students, Registered Student Organizations

College rooms are rooms that can be reserved for shared academic use and are administered individually on each campus. Because TCC classrooms are for accommodating College classes, first and foremost, the class schedule takes precedence over any other event.

TCC facilities are available for use by:

  • Students, Student Organizations, and Staff – Currently enrolled students, Student Organizations, and staff can request TCC rooms by completing the Campus Room Reservation Form. For specific questions concerning student union spaces, please contact
  • Academic departments and faculty – Classrooms and Computer Labs can be requested through the respective Schools.
  • TCC staff and faculty – Meeting Rooms can be requested by completing the Campus Room Reservation form.

Liability Insurance

If the room is for a non-college sponsored program or activity, proof of liability insurance will need to be provided if these indoor facilities are used by invited guests of faculty, staff with approval by their cabinet-level representative, registered student organizations with approval from their Advisor

For questions regarding insurance, please contact Risk Management at

TCC Facility Leasing to Non-College Outside Groups

All Non-College Outside groups are required to complete the online Request for Facilities Use Form for any space on TCC's campuses/properties.

Any outside group that wants to use a TCC indoor facility must comply with the TCC Policy on Use and Scheduling of Tulsa Community College Properties Including Digital Signage. Reservable spaces are available between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on days that TCC is open for business (generally Mondays through Saturdays). For groups requesting the use of the McKeon Center for Creativity (C4C) or the VanTrease PACE, due to the unique nature of these facilities, additional contractual and other conditions will apply to your facility rental request.

If insurance is required, as described above, the group shall furnish proof of insurance to the Campus Operations Team at least five calendar days in advance of the occupancy time, or more depending on the nature of the event.

The Certificate of Insurance shall list Tulsa Community College as an additional insured for minimum premises bodily injury of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence. If the certificate of insurance is not obtained and on file at least (5) calendar days prior to the event, it will result in the cancellation of the activity for failure to provide the required documentation.

The policy shall protect against the loss, cost, claim or expense on account of injury to person or property occurring in or about the leased premises during or incident to the use thereof by Lessee or its participating parties, and cover any damage to personal property or real estate of Lessor or others caused by Lessee, its agents or employees. The certificate of insurance, naming Lessee and participating parties as insured, must state the event name or the certificate will not be valid. Certificate of Liability Insurance with a “pending” policy number will not be accepted. The policy shall also provide for a ten-day notice to TCC prior to cancellation. The Certificate of Insurance must contain the following language:

“Tulsa Community College is named as an additional insured with respect to all activities by [GROUP] held on the TCC premises. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to limit or waive TCC’s immunity from liability under the law now in existence or existing in the future.”

Schedulable Indoor Spaces for Non-College Outside Groups

  • Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity (C4C)
  • Phillips Building Auditorium MP110
  • Auditorium 9101
  • VanTrease Performing Arts Center for Education (PACE)
  • Small Auditorium SU 128
  • South Meeting Rooms SU 226
  • Gallery Conference Room SU 105
  • Student Union Auditorium SU 106
  • Classrooms: 203, 204, 205, 206, and 207
  • Meeting Room 115
  • Student Lounge (atrium) – Room 128

Some parking lots may be available for weekend or evening usage.

University Transfer Office has dedicated spaces available on each TCC campus for regionally accredited institutions of higher education to meet with our students.

Request Space in a Transfer Office

Request Space For an Event

All Non-College Outside groups are required to complete the online Request for Facilities Use Form for any space on TCC's campuses/properties.

Unscheduled Expressive Outdoor Facilities Use

TCC embraces sharing knowledge and ideas through public discourse and free speech. TCC students, faculty, staff, and visitors are encouraged to engage in respectful dialogue. Any member of the College campus community or the public may use unrestricted generally accessible outdoor areas for non-commercial expressive activities on a first-come, first-served basis without giving prior notice pursuant to the College’s policy on unscheduled expressive outdoor events and activities.

Digital Signage

TCC uses on-campus digital signage to promote events hosted by Registered Student Organizations, College departments, and important announcements from College administration pursuant to the College’s Policy on Digital Signage.

Expressive Speech Annual Report

Tulsa Community College embraces the sharing of knowledge and ideas through public discourse and free speech. Pursuant to Title 70 Section 2120, TCC revised its Facilities Use policy to comport with the state law. Information about the use of space, including the revised policy addressing unscheduled expressive outdoor events can be found on this webpage. In compliance with the state law, the College developed training materials and trained supervisors, campus leadership at all four campuses, and campus law enforcement regarding the policy. The College reports no barriers to or incidents of disruption of free expression occurring on campus.

Event Interpreter/Captioner Request Statement

Place an accessibility request statement on all communications for an event or meeting.

You can use the following template in your communications:

"For participants requesting interpreters or other accommodations, please notify the host at <>. Advance notice is requested."

Event Accessibility Accommodations

If you receive a request for accommodations you will need to submit an accessibility request.

For more information on accessibility accommodations visit Accessibility Resources.

Accessibility Request Form