Starfish: Student Success Network

Starfish is your key to making the most of your time here at TCC. Starfish provides a central location to find the people and services that can give you the tools and information you need to stay on track and complete your academic goals. If you have any questions, email

Starfish Login


  • View and connect with your support networks such as academic advisors, academic success coaches, faculty, and more.
  • Receive early alerts for academic concerns and praise for a job well done.
  • Access support resources and services such as tutoring centers, enrollment, financial aid, and more.
  • Schedule online appointments.

Overview: Starfish Dashboard and Appointment

Frequently Asked Question

Starfish has been optimized for use in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Starfish is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

  • Try switching or updating your browser. Using the most up-to-date browser can often solve most login issues.
  • Try clearing your cache. Search for History in the browser’s settings. Make sure you delete browsing history, cookies, and cached images.
  • You may not have access. Contact for more information.

If you need help in a course, email your instructor directly by going to the My Success Network tab and choosing the instructor you wish to contact.

If you have other concerns, you may choose Request Help from the menu.

If you receive the following message when you tried to log in to Starfish:

“You do not have privileges, or your role is not properly defined in the Starfish system. Please contact your system administrator if you should have or would like to gain access to this application.”

After your application for admission is processed, it can take up to 24 hours to be added to the system.

If you cannot access Starfish and you are returning after a long absence, you will need to re-activate your TCC account by completing a new application for admission.

Some members of your network may not be using Starfish for scheduling. You may reach out to them by phone or email listed in their profile.

  1. Access your Starfish profile from the menu at the top left.
  2. Click the drop-down menu by your name and click the Profile link.
  3. Edit your profile to update your home and cell phone number as well as opt-in for weekly updates and set appointment reminder preferences

Note: If you are updating your phone numbers, this will also need to be updated in your MyTCC Account.

To have an advisor assigned, you must have a declared major and be currently enrolled. Visit Career Services for assistance with mapping out your career and education goals.

You may cancel or edit an appointment from your Starfish dashboard.

  1. Click on the Menu, Select “Dashboard”.
  2. Locate the appointment you want to cancel or edit.
  3. Click on the Edit pencil in the top right corner of the appointment box to edit your appointment details.
  4. Click on the “X” to cancel your appointment.

When a faculty or staff member raises a flag for you, it means they noticed you may be experiencing challenges with the class. Please reach out to any of the individuals in your Success Network for assistance. If you’re not sure who will be the best contact, reach out to your academic advisor for assistance.

It means you are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!

Starfish access is based on roles and relationships. Only instructors and administrators in particular roles (e.g. academic advisers, club advisers, instructors) who are in a professional relationship with you (e.g., your assigned advisers, your instructors for the current term) can see information in Starfish, and even then they can only see information necessary for their role.

For example, instructors would see only information directly related to the course (e.g., your enrollment in their class), while academic advisers would have a more holistic view, including overall GPA and student background information.

In order to better support your success, academic advisers also use Starfish to document general topics discussed in advising meetings. Notes kept in Starfish are intended for professional purposes, meet professional standards, and fall under your FERPA rights.

Not all faculty members use Starfish to alert students. If you have questions about your performance in the class, make sure you communicate with your faculty member.

Yes, watch a quick demo on how to use Starfish.