Job Search Preparation

Career Services provides resources, suggestions, and tips on the many ways to find job openings, as well as develop a marketing strategy that will aid you in your search. Searching for a job can be a full-time job, so it's important your efforts are thorough and structured. These tips and tools can help expedite your search.

Prepare/Update Your Resume

Whether you are new to the workforce, in career transition, needing to update your resume, or would like to customize your resume for a particular job, a Career Placement Advisor can help. We can provide resume-writing tips and one-on-one consultation to help critique your resume.

Resume Building

Polish Your Written Image

  • Have Career Services, friends or family proofread all of your job search documents, including cover letters and thank you letters. Make sure all are free of errors.
  • Make sure your online profile is professional, including your Facebook and other social media pages.
  • Have a professional email address specifically for your job search.

Research Companies

  • Do your homework. Visit the organization's website to discover what its products, services, missions, annual budgets, and organizational structure are. This will enable you to ask and answer questions professionally and confidently.
  • Be open-minded about potential employers. It is important to look at all of the factors connected to a job opportunity…do not let salary alone determine your decision, consider the work involved, job location, stability of the company, corporate culture, and work environment.
  • If you lack the skills for your job goal, get training. If you need experience, find it at an entry-level to get your foot in the door.

Practice Interviewing

  • Consider doing a mock interview with Career Services. Have a friend practice with you, write down answers to interview questions, practice in front of the mirror, etc. The key is to practice!
  • Practicing helps ease the anxiety of interviewing as well as prepare you to answer questions confidently and intelligently.

Interview Preparation

Present a Professional Appearance

Professional dress communicates commitment, competence, and respect. It signifies dedication to the job, respect for colleagues, clients, and organizational values, fostering confidence and a professional mindset, making a lasting impression in the workplace.

Take advantage of our Professional Clothing Closet.