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Discover your perfect career path by using the TypeFocus™ 7 careers assessment. You will discover a lot about yourself and find out which majors at TCC best suit your natural strengths. 

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OK Career Guide Assessment Tool is an additional tool you can use after you complete your TypeFocus assessment.

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Most Needed Jobs in Tulsa

You have questions? How much money might you make? How many job openings can you expect to find? We can help you to answer all those questions and more! Make an appointment with your career advisor to dig deeper into the labor market to make an informed choice.

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The following jobs are the top 10 hottest jobs in Tulsa according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS).

Associate's degree (BLS) in Tulsa, OK MSA, 2024Q1
OccupationAverage Annual WagesUnemployment RateNumber of Online Job Listings5 Year Recorded Growth Rate5 Year Projected Growth Rate
Preschool Teachers
(Does Not Include Special Education)
Paralegals & Legal Assistants$59,9001.5%361.8%0.7%
Radiologic Technologists & Technicians$66,5000.4%3811.2%0.7%
Dental Hygienists$94,9000.5%352.8%0.9%
Computer Network Support Specialists$80,5001.7%n/a0.5%0.8%
Architectural & Civil Drafters$67,6001.6%590.7%0.3%
Respiratory Therapists$74,7000.4%1981.7%1.4%
Physical Therapist Assistants$65,7002.2%1771.2%2.5%
Electrical & Electronic Engineering Technologists & Technicians$72,9000.3%38-4.4%0.4%
Health Information Technologists & Medical Registrars$52,9000.3%225.4%1.7%

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