Choosing the right major is a pivotal step in your educational journey and future career. Our Career Planning services are dedicated to helping you make informed career decisions, including selecting a major that suits your passions and goals. These individualized sessions are designed to meet your unique needs and are scheduled at your convenience. Let us guide you toward a fulfilling educational and career path that aligns perfectly with your aspirations.

Discover Your Path With Career Assessments

Embarking on a fulfilling career journey starts with self-discovery. We offer valuable Career Assessments designed to empower you in exploring and defining your career choices. These assessments, powered by tools like Handshake and TypeFocus, are your compass to delve into your work values, interests, abilities, and personality type.

By taking these assessments, you gain valuable insights into career areas that align with your unique preferences. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and clarity you need to make well-informed career decisions. Your journey towards a successful and satisfying career begins here."

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Currently, enrolled students, graduates, or members of TCC Alumni and Friends may utilize Career Planning services. 

Contact a Career Development Specialist to get started.

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Join Handshake to search for open positions, apply for jobs and connect with employers throughout the entire country! 

If you have questions about the job application process, need to create a resume/cover letter, or need help researching salary information, call 918-595-7609 or email to schedule an appointment with career services.

TypeFocus TM: Success Through Self Awareness


Discover your perfect career path by using the TypeFocus™ 7 Careers program. You will discover a lot about yourself and find out which majors at TCC best suit your natural strengths.

TypeFocus7 Career Assessment

Additional Resources is a comprehensive and intuitive online system providing assessments, information about occupations, education and training, financial aid, and much more! It is written for Oklahoma students and adults.

OKJobMatch searches more than 16,000 websites, matching you with the right job opportunities in all of Oklahoma's 77 counties and neighboring states. All at zero cost to you. OKJobMatch is a joint project of workforce system partners in the State of Oklahoma. The project is led by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

What can I do with a Major in...?  Offers numerous information on a variety of college majors.

TCC Library Career Guide has many helpful links to career resources.