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  • Cultural & Diversity
  1. A

    1. African-American Student Association

      Open to all interested, this group fosters pride, academic excellence, leadership, and cultural awareness among individuals of African descent.

    2. Alianza Latina (HAS-West)

      Discover Alianza Latina (HAS-West), a vibrant TCC student club bringing Latinx culture to life. Join us for fun, learning, and community!

    3. Asian Students Inclusive Association (ASIA)

      We are a student organization created to celebrate the varieties of cultures found on the Asian continent. This includes the cultures of the Middle East and Southeast Asia. We aim to create a safe community to come together to share our stories.

  2. C

    1. Chinese American Culture Association

      Promotes understanding of Chinese-American culture, fostering leadership skills and cross-cultural communication through diverse opportunities.

  3. H

    1. Hispanic Student Association (HSA)

      HSA supports Hispanic students with community, TCC, and national initiatives. Join us for Latino activities and outreach in Tulsa. Collaborate with IA and HSA chapters to retain immigrant and refugee students.

  4. I

    1. International Association

      All wanderlust is welcome! Our club is open to all those who have lived in another country, are living in another country, want to study in another country, want to travel to another country, or simply just want to know more about other cultures.

  5. L

    1. Learn, Empower, Achieve, and Develop

      Supports TCC students by creating spaces for discussions on life's challenges and enhancing resource visibility. Our aim is to empower students through problem-solving and community support. Formerly known as the Peer Ambassador Student Association.

  6. N

    1. National Society of Leadership and Success

      TCC's NSLS chapter, founded in 2016, offers leadership development, scholarships, exclusive speaker broadcasts, and valuable networking opportunities for members. Join us to enhance your skills and connections!

    2. Native American Student Alliance

      NASA fosters an inclusive space for indigenous students. Join us to celebrate culture through art, speakers, discussions, and an annual powwow. We're dedicated to education and reform for the Native American community.

  7. T

    1. TCC Pride

      TCC Pride is a safe space celebrating self-expression, diversity, and equality. We welcome everyone, regardless of factors like GPA, religion, gender identity, and more, to advocate for understanding and equal treatment.