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    1. American Dental Hygienists' Association

      The American Dental Hygienists' Association at TCC aims to support dental hygiene, represent members, and enhance public health through TCC Dental Hygiene Program students.

    2. American Sign Language Club

      Practice, discover, and experience sign language and the deaf culture as well as support those studying or interested in ASL.

  2. C

    1. CHLD

      CHLD's mission parallels TCC Child Development Program. We prep pros for quality education, support adult learners, and ensure child and family growth. We offer leadership, personal development, theory-practice links, and foster a scholarly community.

  3. D

    1. Debate & Forensics Club

      TCC's debate & forensics club offers diverse events & formats. Join us to learn, compete, and travel. We welcome all, covering travel expenses.

    2. Diagnostic Medical Sonography Club

      Strives to create an open student environment for the professional and personal growth of individuals studying or interested in diagnostic medical sonography.

  4. F

    1. Fire Protection and Emergency Management

      Supports students interested in studying or currently studying to obtain a degree relevant to fire protection.

    2. French Language Association

      TCC French Club is for any and all students at TCC who are interested in learning and studying the French language, history, and culture of France and Francophone countries, as well as discovering ways to use this knowledge.

  5. M

    1. Medical & Natural Sciences Club

      Welcome all TCC students who have a passion for science and medicine. There are no membership requirements beyond attending meetings and contributing toward club goals (meeting planning, volunteering, fundraising, etc.).

    2. Motivated Scholars

      The purpose of this organization is to promote events and activities for TCC Honors Scholars

  6. P

    1. Psi Beta & Psychology Club

      Ready to dive into the world of psychology? Join Psi Beta and the Psychology Club! We're here to recognize your passion, provide learning opportunities, and make a difference through service. Get involved to explore the exciting realm of psychology.