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About MyTCC

MyTCC is a one-stop online resource for access to TCC systems (Blackboard, TCC Office 365 Email, and student information). MyTCC also provides important information for student services, campus life, and information and access to systems for TCC employees.

TCC Employees will use MyTCC to access operational systems (Banner, SciQuest, PeopleAdmin, Cognos, etc).

Login to MyTCC

You will log in to MyTCC with your TCCNET login information. (Example: T12345678). You will be prompted to set up the MyTCC Password Manager tool. This will allow you to reset your password on your own in the future. If you do not know your TCC ID, please visit the Student Life Office to obtain it.

For TCC Students, login information is emailed to the student once the student's application has been processed.

For TCC Employees, the password will be the password you use to access Office365/TCCNET.

When you log in to MyTCC for the first time, you will need to sign up for the MyTCC Password Manager. The MyTCC Password Manager tool allows you to manage and reset your password on your own. You will be required to enter security questions and answers.

About Student Email

TCC utilizes Microsoft Office 365 Email to deliver a cutting edge and feature rich email experience to TCC students.

The format for students Office 365 email addresses is Note: Some students with common names will have a number at the end of their Office365 email address.

Access MyTCC Office 365 Email

You can access Office 365 email through the MyTCC Portal. Once you login to the MyTCC Portal, you will click on the Email link. Email will open in another browser window. Follow the iPhone or Android guide to setup your device.

Email Benefits

  • Access to email anywhere (PC, tablets, mobile phones)
  • Email, calendar, contacts, tasks sync across devices
  • Large 100GB mailbox size
  • Experience with Outlook, a cross- industry standard email platform

TCC Network Access

Your computer must first be added to the TCCNET domain before these instructions will be applicable. A TCC Desktop Support Tech will visit your location to update your computer. Please ensure that you protect the information stored on your computer by using a standard Windows password.

If you have trouble logging on, please contact the Student Support Center.

TCC Wireless Network Access

TCC's wireless networks names are TCC-WiFi for use by those with a Campus Wide ID (T-Number) and TCC-GuestWiFi for use by those without a Campus Wide ID.

Access on Computer

  1. New CWID (T-Number) users must first log into a computer wired to the TCC Network.
  2. Choose a Wireless Network: TCC-WiFi (with CWID T-Number) or TCC-GuestWiFi (without CWID T-Number)
  3. Provide if prompted:
    • User name: Campus Wide ID (CWID) T Number (e.g. T12345678)
    • Password: Same as your MyTCC password

Access on Mobile Device

iOS Wi-Fi Access Guide

  1. Open Settings, go to Wi-Fi and select the wireless network TCC-WiFi (with CWID T-Number) or TCC-GuestWiFi (without CWID T-Number).
  2. When prompted to login, enter your CWID (T-Number) and password.
  3. If prompted to accept a certificate, select “Trust”. This should only happen the first time you connect, change devices, or change your TCC password.

Android Wi-Fi Access Guide

  1. Open your phone's Settings app.
  2. Tap Network & Internet and then Wi-Fi.
  3. Make sure that Wi-Fi is on.
  4. At the bottom of the list, tap Add network.
  5. Select the TCC-WiFi network.
  6. Configure the Wi-Fi connection using the following settings:
    • Security1: 802.1x EAP
    • EAP method: PEAP
    • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
    • CA certificate: Use system certificates 
      Some devices will not have this option. If this option is not available, select Do not validate and leave the “Domain” field blank.
    • Domain1: 
      If Do not validate was selected under CA certificate, then leave this field blank.
    • Identity: Enter your CWID (T Number)
    • Anonymous identity1: Leave this blank
    • Password: Enter your password (same password to log into TCC computers)
    • Hidden network1: No

1 Not all Android devices have the same options available in the Wi-Fi set up screen. Some devices may rename these options. If your device does not have a specified option, then it is likely not necessary for your device.

Need Help?

As new technologies emerge there is always the potential for unforeseen technical challenges. If you experience any problems with our wireless network or need assistance, please contact the Student Support Center.

Campus Parking Wi-Fi Hotspot Locations

Wi-Fi hotspots are available in specific parking lots at each of our four campuses.

Download Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is free for current TCC students.

  • Go to MyTCC and login.
  • Click on the Student tab and select the Software Downloads link, in the Quick Links section.
  • Select required software and follow online store instructions.