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School of Communication, English, & World Languages

Knowing how to clearly communicate and having the ability to speak fluently will help you open doors to exciting opportunities. The TCC School of Communication, English, & World Languages offers DESIRABLE and RELEVANT degree programs to help you expand your horizons. From American Sign Language, English, French, Japanese, or Spanish to Communication Arts and Technology, you’ll have the ability to explore the world or help interpret critical information to make our community stronger.

Degree & Certificate Programs

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Communication & English

Good communication matters in any field. When you study communications, you're preparing for jobs like public relations, journalism, and law. English studies can teach you about the human experience and how to explain complicated ideas.

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World Languages

Discover new cultures, enhance global skills, and stand out in your career. Learning a language opens doors to teaching, translating, and more. A language degree can lead to opportunities in business, law, education, and beyond.


ASL & Pre-Interpreting

Are you passionate about empowering the Deaf community? Gain a flexible ASL degree for impactful roles in healthcare, law, arts, and beyond. Embrace Deaf Culture, travel, and use sign language globally.