Sociology, A.A.

Join a rapidly growing field that's valuable for policymakers and program creators. Study how society is organized and how it influences the actions of individuals and groups. Delve into the shared beliefs and values that shape our culture.

About the Program

  • Understand how the way society is organized affects how people act individually and as a group.
  • Study various aspects of society, from families and communities to crime, religion, race, gender, and social class.
  • Delve into the shared beliefs and values that shape our culture.
  • Learn about the sociology of work and how sports are viewed in society.
  • Sociology deals with some of today's most important issues, making it a rapidly growing field that's valuable for policy makers and program creators.

Program Details

Discover the Sociology, A.A. program, where you'll delve into social structures, culture, and everyday life influences.

After successfully completing this program, you will have the ability to:

  • Explain the influences and perspectives of early sociology founders.
  • Explain how class, ethnicity, gender, age, and race influence individuals' daily lives.
  • Apply fundamental sociological concepts.
  • Apply ethical research methods in sociology.
  • Apply sociological theories to analyze social interactions and structures.
  • Evaluate one's own ethical principles and cultural traditions in comparison to those of others.

See the requirements to embark on your sociology journey.

Degree Requirements

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Program Map

Program Contact

Social Sciences Program

School of Liberal Arts & Public Service
TCC Metro Campus
909 South Boston Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74119

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