Accounting Specialist - Accounting, A.A.S.

Acquire essential accounting knowledge and skills with TCC's Associate in Applied Science degree program.

About the Program

  • Provides an effective working knowledge of various accounting principles and practices.
  • Develops skills for business communication using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), double-entry accounting, and management of accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  • Covers areas like reconciling, budgeting, internal controls, cost accounting, income taxation, and compiling and analyzing reports.
  • Offers training for individuals needing accounting for business operations, including owners, managers, or employees.
  • The degree program entails a total of 60 credit hours, including 33 in accounting.

Program Details

Immerse yourself in the dynamic field of accounting with our Accounting, A.A.S. - Accounting Specialist program. Explore a comprehensive curriculum tailored to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge for a successful career in financial management.

Master the art of financial expertise with our Accounting, A.A.S. - Accounting Specialist program. Develop skills that will empower you to excel in financial analysis, reporting, budgeting, and more.

After successfully completing this program, you will have the ability to:

  • Compose financial data into an acceptable business format.
  • Develop the data used for making financial decisions.
  • Apply financial analysis to personal decisions.
  • Evaluate the effect of financial decisions on the community.
  • Prepare a tax return.
  • Evaluate Internal Control Procedures.

Start your journey towards becoming an accounting specialist by fulfilling program requirements designed to provide a solid foundation in accounting principles, financial software, and business communication.

Degree Requirements

Chart your course to success with our Accounting, A.A.S. - Accounting Specialist program map. Effortlessly progress through each phase of your education, guided by a clear roadmap that ensures you stay on track toward achieving your career goals in the world of accounting.

Program Map

Program Contact

Program Director
Jeff Holt

School of Business & Information Technology
TCC Southeast Campus
10300 East 81st Street
Tulsa, OK 74133

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